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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Collin Young
Produced by Never Trust A Wizard (Mitchell, Brennenstuhl, Syrnyk)
Recorded at B TOWN SOUND Studio
Artwork by Justin Hunt

All songs written and performed by Never Trust A Wizard © 2012


released March 14, 2013

Luke Mitchell - Guitar/Vocals
David Brennenstuhl - Bass
Mitch Syrnyk - Drums




Never Trust A Wizard Toronto, Ontario

The life and times of a few adventurers trapped in the frightening realm of the supernatural.

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Track Name: Settle Down
Patience. Change comes so god damn slowly sometimes it make me want to just wring your neck and leave you lifeless, watch the life drain from your dying eyes. But where would that leave me- where would that leave us? The way you see this world I just can't deal with, so play that old record one more time. Why should we settle for this when we could have had so much more- what should we settle for? Bite the bullet and admit its your own fault. We don't have to drag this one out too much more. Just don't go and think you've wove your way out, your actions outweigh your boldest remark.
Track Name: Starting Gun
The starting gun! Hearts beating blood to boil. Come out on top, what choice do you have? The odds are good, so buy back yourself respect. Place your bets, and go out on top. The racing track's no place for you, it won't bring you back. It moves too fast, your system is flawed. Bet your last dime, and don't you look to me. I hate to say it, but I told you so. What good would kicking you when you're down do but make you see the man that you have become? No I don't know that places that you've been, my prying eyes only see the shape you're in. The time has come, and words won't settle your debt. What are the chances of you actually pulling through?
Track Name: Savant
Rewind, just hold on a second. This piece just doesn't seem to fit the space between these lines drawn in the sand. Don't you see what you're behind? Concentration's wearing thin, a puppet used to play its part. Propped up in front of an audience never meant to last. I've seen so many blank stares. Don't lose sight, don't hit the brakes. Reduce your thoughts to whats at stake. Break down the way you think and un-learn- burn the ties that bind. Lose sight, too easy to distract. Focus! Your words don't convey. Play down your understanding, they'll only want more. Its your pride that breaks what natural talent brings, and its your pride that dies when your ego sings.
Track Name: Walk
Walk down these streets, eyes on the ground. I can't risk you seeing me. Guess I just missed the signs laying your claim to these streets. No I won't pay you no mind, just keep your hands off I don't want 'em...I can't believe i'm so scared just to be walking home at night. When did the neighborhood get so cold, did you see it coming? Where were you before the fences went up, where were you before? It was safe to walk alone after dark. I'll never forget my mom walking with keys in her hand clenched in a fist. She said you should run, don't walk boy, just run. I'll be just fine, be sure and get help.
Track Name: I Come To Pray
Can you see the time passing us by day to day? The signs of slow decay run deep. Step right up, come and be the first in line. There's nothing like the rush I feel when another dollar is spent- it brings me closer to clarity. I've never seen so well. We buy, crave possession over what we can't explain. Step back: big picture. Patience abides. See the signs: shaking hands, buckled knees. I know that we like to say shake it off, put your right foot forward, turn the other cheek...but how'd you like to pay? Time is running short on your soul. You're gonna be the next notch on my belt. Better brace yourself, step back in line you'll see. I come to pray. See the signs: shaking hands, buckled knees. I know that we like to say we moved on, let it slide- but routine's gotten in our way. One more day spent longing for what we don't have. Believe in this: my words, your truth.